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We believe education is a fundamental right for every child. Our ad-supported FREE apps are Full-Feature apps so parents who can’t afford to or choose not to download the paid Ad-free versions can use our free apps to educate their children. Paid versions are available for parents who want their child to have an ad-free learning experience.
Parents are more likely to download and try free apps for their children before purchasing paid apps. If we only had ad-free paid apps, millions of children would miss out from the learning our free apps provide and we don’t want any child left behind.
Placing advertisements on children's apps is challenging and we take multiple steps to ensure that we provide the best user experience in the presence of ads:

  • We limit the advertisements that are allowed to appear.
  • The ads are placed away from the most interactive elements of the apps to avoid inadvertent clicks.
  • We use filters to block suggestive ads which may be considered inappropriate for children.

Our advertising partners are members of NAI (the Network Advertising Initiative), which limits its members from targeting children younger than the age of thirteen in connection with online advertising unless the member has obtained parental consent, pursuant to the NAI Principles. You can also opt- out from receiving targeted advertisements from NAI members here: https://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp
We currently work with the following companies for online advertising services, and you can review their privacy policy by clicking on the links below:
Google Admob (link to https://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html )
If you see an advertisement that you believe is inappropriate please contact us using the Support Form.

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