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    Noun Cards I like this app because you can be tested and the app can give you a spelling test.



Spelling Test Practice with Nouns is an educational grammar literacy app for kids in preschool, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. From developers of Baby Flash Cards comes the most comprehensive education app for learning Nouns!

"A great addition to your educational apps collection"
- The iPhone Mom

"Favorite feature of this app is the ability to customize my own spelling lists"
- Funeducationalapps

"Spelling Test Practice with Nouns is the perfect grammar app for children"
- Phonesreview

Here are features of this app:

  • Over 500 Nouns with picture hints which maybe turned on/off
  • It's fun to record your own voice for each word for personalization
  • Unlimited individualized lists can be created for each user to add your own words with photos and voice recording
  • Interactive spelling test - with multiple levels of difficulty to select from, the spelling tests enhance learning:
  • 1. Easy Level provides hint letters in textboxes along with blanks
    2. Medium level removes the hint letter and has a timer
    3. Hard level has no textboxes and allows free text typing of words

  • Reports of correct/incorrect answers generated for review
  • Incorrectly spelled words can be flagged from the report list and added to Practice words list for later review
  • Unlimited user creation - parents/teachers can create profiles for each child with individualized lists unique for each child
  • Complete lists and words management - create lists, add/delete words, hide lists/words
  • Practice words - Words with difficulty can be flagged and added to Practice List for learning with repetition

The is a full-featured free app!